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Create a place of both physical and mental comfort while being enveloped in luxury and support. Avana has created the ultimate system of serenity to give you head-to-toe relaxation in the comfort of your own bed. The Kind Bed Support System offers four incredible pieces that work together in harmony to bolster your body while sitting up in your bed. The Back Scoop offers firm yet supple lumbar support, which can be adjusted by sliding up and down the Scoop Cradle to fit your body. The Headrest acts as a base for your neck, preventing any unfortunate kinks, and the Knee Rest ensures that you stay lifted in place and in a natural position for relief on your joints. The end result is sublime, flexible comfort to give you the ideal shape of support to read, watch TV, or meditate.  

Of course, this state of tranquility is made possible only with the finest materials, which is a creed that Avana takes seriously. All four pieces of the Kind Bed Support System are made from ultra comfortable medium density urethane foam that gives you the perfect amount of support, while an added layer of 1-inch memory foam contours and cradles your body. The removable covers have a lush polyester top that feels supremely soft, book-ended by coordinating microsuede on the sides, and they are machine-washable to make cleaning a breeze.

Additional Information

SKU 13391
Dimensions 32.5" x 24" x 11"
Cover Removable polyester cover
Foam Memory foam and polyurethane
Weight 13.5 lbs

Questions on Kind Bed Orthopedic Support Pillow System

  • From Chatterbox at 6/17/2017 6:40 PM
    • How HIGH are the cushions stacked as shown AT SHOULDER HEIGHT and AT THE VERY TOP? (In the position as pictured on store website). Thank you.
    • Hi Chatterbox,

      Thank you so much for contacting Avana. The height of the Kind Bed Support System is 11''.

      Have a wonderful day!

      Customer Service
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  • From Chris at 7/19/2017 6:25 PM
    • Where can I buy additional covers for the Avana Kind bed orthopedic support pillow comfort system in thunder gray/navy?
    • Hello Chris,

      Thank you for contacting Avana Comfort. To place an order for additional covers, please contact customer service at 1-866-384-2801, Monday - Friday from 9 AM - 7 PM EST and Saturday 12 PM - 5 PM EST. Hope this helps!

      Thank you again and have a wonderful day!

      Customer Service
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  • From Yvonne at 9/23/2017 10:08 PM
    • How much are the replacement covers? I just ordered one of these for my bed and would love to have a second cover.
    • Hello Yvonne,

      Thank you for contacting Avana! You can call us at 1-866-384-2801 to place an order for a cover. Our covers for this product are $90. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions or concerns!

      Thank you,

      Customer Service
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  • From Patty Sheehan at 1/13/2018 10:17 PM
    • Are there any instructions about different configurations that the components can be placed in to provide different kinds of support? If so, where would I find them?
    • Thanks for contacting Avana,

      This particular product is made to configure as shown in the photographs.

      Hope this helps!
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  • From Susan at 1/14/2018 9:15 PM
    • Are there flame retardants used in the foam?
    • Thanks for Avana!

      We do not ad any flame retardants to our foam, however the product does pass Cal 117 standards.

      Avana Customer Service Team
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Kind Bed Orthopedic Support Pillow System

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  • Four-piece bed rest system offers complete support while sitting up in bed.
  • Ideal for those confined to bed for extended periods of time or for those who enjoy reading, watching TV, or relaxing while in bed.
  • Includes Back Scoop, Scoop Cradle, Headrest, and Knee Rest.
  • Slide the back scoop for adjustable lumbar support. If the lumbar support is too much, simply flip the back scoop upside down.
  • All pieces are made from a comfortable, supportive medium density urethane foam with a 1-inch layer of memory foam on top for extra comfort.
  • The removable covers feature a lush polyester top with soft microsuede on side and are machine washable.
  • Measurements: 32.5”L x 24” W x 11” H
  • Made in the USA

Support, Comfort, High Quality and NO Toxic Fum...


I was injured in a car accident recently and have been spending extra time in bed trying to recover but no amount of pillows or a soft back rest was providing enough support for my back, neck or other body parts. I looked at several different types of back support systems/pillows prior to purchasing this. I settled on this system because it looked to have the best support but yet comfy and it came with several pieces which I can use or not use at any given time. The system arrived well before the scheduled delivery time, so I was pleasantly surprised. The system came vacuum packaged like a memory foam bed and inside a small bag with a zipper. The nice quality paper instruction sheet came with it too. As I opened the zipper the item started inflating at a slow pace, but still inflated and it became difficult to open the zipper of the exterior bag. So, I ended up having to cut that bag open and not continue to use the zipper. That did not matter since that bag would not be something the item would ever fit into again, so I discarded it. I then started cutting open (very carefully) the vacuum packed bag of the system. Once I penetrated the bag with the scissors, it immediately inflated. It is not like memory foam mattresses, where they start to expand and they take a few days to fully inflate. As soon as the air hit the system, it fully inflated within 5 seconds. I cut open the rest of the bag so I could extract all the pieces of this system and they were easily removable and all fully inflated. The first thing I noticed about this system was the plush outer covers on each of the pieces. It feels a bit like suede /velvet covering. It feels wonderful to touch. I purchased the color brown/sage and the colors were gorgeous. The contrasting colors look fantastic together. They just blend well. The system is not too large, just perfect size, the pieces are not heavy so all in all it will be easy to move and travel with if need be. This back rest/support pillow system really is the best support I have ever felt. You can adjust the main piece up or down depending on if you want to sit more upright or lounge more, and it still offers super support. It gives a bit when laying against it, so it does not feel like a brick wall, but not too much giving...because you can continue to feel the support. After you lay against it the foam is giving, but as soon as you lift up, the foam goes immediately back into its actual shape. No, waiting for the foam to come back to original shape, much like a memory foam bed. Another great thing about this system is that it stays in place, no movement while using it. It does not "inch" up or down while using it. Because the pieces have covers with suede/velvet on them, they sort of "stick" together when they are being used. I was a bit skeptical about the headrest part and seeing it does not have anything that actually "attaches" it to the main back piece, so I thought it would simply fall down. However, because of the shape of the upper part of the main back piece and the fabric, it stays in place just fine. What I also liked on this particular unit was the fact it has a cover on each of the pieces, so I can take each of them off and wash them. Some of the back support or other pillows do not have this ability and its not possible to wash them over time. On the instructions sheet it talks about how to wash the covers and keep them looking nice. An added bonus was the fact that upon opening, NO TOXIC FUMES coming out of it. That was a plus for me! I would highly recommend this support system for anyone who wants support but comfort in bed and values high quality. I see me using this everyday and it being able to withstand use over many years.




I would recommend it to a friend. Great for reading or watching tv.


Great on the floor too


This is great because it is so adjustable. You can move the back piece up and down so you can sit up taller or lay down more. And the memory foam on top makes it very comfortable. I use it on the floor in front of my fireplace and I can stay there for hours reading. The only downside is that there is a lot to store if you want to put it away, but you can use the pillows apart too so you may not have to.


Very comfortable!


Needed to purchase back and leg support for a few weeks of post-surgery recovery. This system was great for relaxing in bed and even for sleeping at night. Was able to configure for a number of positions. Only challenge...its large size and multiple pieces make it difficult to store when not in use.


Love my Avana comfort system


My father bought this for me to use following foot surgery. It exceeds my expectations. I absolutely love it....just ordered 2 more! One for my mother and one for my husband ... so that I won't have to share mine. The size matters, it is great when in use but bulky to store.


Used on couch to support lower back and aid in ...


PROS: Very good looking. Firm/soft ratio just right for support and comforability. Ability to adjust and modify configuration is easy. Arrived quickly and was vacuum packed into a hard to believe little rectangle and in a carrying case that you will never be able to get any part of this back in. Nonetheless, pieces came out of bag absolutely perfect and without a wrinkle. CON: I wriggle around a lot(not because of cushions, but rather back pain) which causes me to need to frequently readjust the cushions. I will probably try to make some modifications. Velcro, zippers, duct tape? :)


Five Stars


Much more comfortable than I expected. Well worth the cost!


Kind Bed Support System

4.7 7